Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Cancer update 11/13/18

So, today I had the 19th radiation treatment for my prostate cancer. Yesterday after my treatment I visited with the doctor. I asked him about a couple of symptoms that I am experiencing, more fatigue and a new problem; weakness. He said that both are normal. The weakness, which he correctly mentioned were in my hips and shoulders are most likely due to the shot that I get to kill my testosterone. He said that if the problem continues that they may have to cut back to continuing the shots for only 18 months, rather than the 24 to 36 months that were originally planned.

I also got another surprise change in my treatment plan. I told him that I only had 7 more treatments to go, and he corrected me; telling me that I was going to have to go through the complete 40 treatment course. Evidently, since I’m a “big guy” in his words, the higher dosage of radiation tends to burn the skin and does not penetrate sufficiently as it would on a smaller person. He had thought that someone had told me and apologized. Needless to say, the apology did not make me feel any better. Instead of just a little over a week before being through, I now have to wait until December 14th for my last treatment. At least, I HOPE that will be the last day! I will have to have a new CT scan and more tests to ensure that it is gone or cured.

I’m sleeping 9 or 10 hours a night, interrupted by a couple of trips to the bathroom each night, then I tend to doze in my recliner off and on the rest of the day. My trip to get my treatment daily is pretty much my only excursion from the house, other than our Saturday errands or to get prescriptions from the pharmacy. Obviously, this has killed my part-time job; and that worries me greatly. While I was at the doctor’s office, I asked why I hadn’t received a bill for my treatments or visits with the doctor yet and was told that they send out one after I finish up. I suppose that it doesn’t matter much whether I get one BIG bill or a bunch of little ones, so we’ll see about that when the time comes.

All in all, I feel fairly good all things considered. I’m 65, so I don’t expect too much anyway. The aches and pains that go along with my age just serve to remind me that I’ve been lots of places and done lots of things. I’ve got a fantastic family and lots of people rooting for me, so I know that I can and will beat this thing!

Thank you for visiting my blog, and again I can’t thank everyone enough for the kind words and well wishes. Your support means more to me than I can ever repay.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Cancer update 10/28/18

This past Friday was my 7th radiation treatment for my prostate cancer. I also had my first meeting with my radiation oncologist. So far, I haven’t felt many side effects to the treatments and the ones I have experienced were fairly mild. But, he told me that normally side effects don’t show up for the first couple of weeks.  They will just start seemingly out of nowhere, and there is no way to predict if and when they will happen, or what they might be. So, I’ve got that to look forward to.

I will admit that this weekend I am feeling more tired than ever. I slept through the entire half-time and third quarter of the Nebraska game, and my family will tell you that is nothing short of amazing; completely out of character for me. It seems to be progressing in fact, and is starting to bother me. This fatigue is beginning to cut into my part-time job, and with the bills starting to come in for the cancer, we can’t afford to be without that supplemental income. I also am starting to get the more frequent urination that they warned me about, even getting up 2 or 3 times during the night where it used to be only once in awhile.

I have an article that I need to get done so that it can get into Flat Out magazine, and I talked to the subject a few weeks ago about it. I haven’t been able to even get started on it. Heck; I’ve put off this blog post for 2 days now!!!

So, it boils down to the fact that we’re 7 treatments down, 18 to go (hopefully). As long as I don’t start experiencing problems with the treatment, I’ll be done in a little under 4 weeks! I have no idea what comes after that, but we will handle it as it comes.

Thanks again for everyone’s concern and well wishes. It means a lot to Linda and I.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Cancer update 10/11/18

I know it’s been awhile since I updated everyone on my cancer battle, but that is because there was nothing new to pass along until today.

I had thought that I was going to begin my radiation treatment, but instead I got 3 tattoos!! No dragons or butterflies, but 3 black light visible ones to direct the technicians when I do start my treatment next week.

First, they put me on a table and put a Styrofoam block between my feet, then used a big rubber band to lock my feet in position on either side of the block. They placed what I can only describe as a large pillow under my legs. They then used a vacuum to evacuate whatever was inside of the pillow in order to mold it to my legs. They said they would use the pillow each time I went in for treatment to help me hold still while they apply the radiation. Next came my 3 tattoos; one on each hip and one on my abdomen. Then, they ran me through a scanner, not unlike the one I had my 2 CT scans in. They ran 1 scan, checked it and then ran another because they were not happy with the first. I probably was on the table a total of a half hour, but it wasn’t too bad.

After the doctor approved the scan we discussed how the treatments would go. First of all, I have to come in with a full bladder; I can’t go for 2 hours beforehand! That’s no easy assignment for us old guys, let me tell you!! The doctor said there were 2 options for the treatments. Either the normal 8 week course (40 total treatments) or an increased, more concentrated dose for just 5 weeks. He said that in the last 2 years studies have shown that the shorter course is equally effective as the 8 week one. We decided to start with the 5 week course and see how I tolerate it and how it affects me. If there are no problems, we’ll stick with it; otherwise we’ll have to switch to the lower dose and take longer.

Dr. Stavas asked how I’d been feeling, and I told him tired with a capital T!!! I sleep 8 hours or more but still have to take an hour to hour and a half nap every day. I am just constantly worn out!! He told me that is normal, and the longer that I am on this medication to kill the testosterone the worse it will get. It’s been bad enough that I’ve only been able to work at my part-time job 3 days out of the last 2 weeks, and that is so frustrating I can’t tell you!!!! As for side-effects of the treatments, he said the most likely is urination problems like frequency and urgency. Since I drink nothing but water all day long, with a total of around 200 ounces a day, that is going to be a biggie!!!!! But, if that’s the worst that happens, I can handle it. I just hope the toilet can!!!!!

My first treatment will be next Thursday and continue every week day. If I can stick with the 5 week plan I will be done 1 week before Thanksgiving. I’m hoping that I can tolerate it well enough to make that happen. Hold a good thought for me please that is how it goes.

I want to thank everyone for their concern, thoughts and prayers so far and ask that they continue. I’m not scared, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned. I’ll keep you all advised as soon as treatments start.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Cancer update 9/18/18

So; today was my final day of preparations for receiving my radiation therapy to cure my prostate cancer.

Yesterday I went to my urologist and received a shot in my abdomen to effectually kill my testosterone in order to slow the growth of the cancer. The lady giving me the shot said one of those ‘nurse things’ of course; “This may burn a little bit”. Well, she wasn’t wrong by any stretch of the imagination!!! The good part is that I only need to have the shot every 3 months.

Today, I went to Saint Elizabeth’s hospital. They gave me a shot in my left gluteus maximus; a very strong antibiotic. That was to prevent any problems with infection from the procedure that followed.

They inserted a camera ‘down there’ to guide them for inserting the gold markers in my prostate using extremely long needles. Again, I got the doctor speak; ‘A little sting here’, then ‘Another little sting’ as he injected me. Just as before, those words were an understatement!!! I did ask the doctor how much my net worth increased by having the gold inserted, but he said he wasn’t sure.

All in all, I came out a little richer, but with a sore nether region and a hurting hiney. Because the gold will eventually be absorbed and passed I can’t even enjoy the treasure buried inside me.

The next step is to return to the radiation oncologist October 11th to begin the radiation treatments. Unless something comes up between now and then, I will continue updating everyone after that.

I want to thank everyone for the kind words and encouragement that they have extended to me. I truly appreciate everything, more than you will ever know. I have no intention of giving up or giving in to this cancer. Giving up is just not in my nature. So to my cancer I say “COME AT ME BRO!!!”.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Cancer update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so I haven’t updated everyone on my prostate cancer. So, here we go!

I had to cancel my trip to Omaha to see Dr. Tepley as I came down with an upper respiratory deal. I did manage to finish out the season at Eagle Raceway with 4 nights last week and this past Sunday, so that is off of my plate.

Where do we go from here? Well, next Monday I go see my urologist to get the shot to kill my testosterone which will hopefully help slow the spread of the cancer.

Then, the next day I go to Saint Elizabeth’s hospital to have gold markers implanted so that the radiation oncologist has a clear target of where to apply the radiation. That radiation will begin on approximately October 11th. Then that will continue for around 8 weeks, going in daily.

On a side note, when I went in for my usual visit with my regular doctor, he found a suspicious mole on my head. So, I go to see a surgeon tomorrow about getting it removed.

One thing I will say is that getting old ain’t for the weak!!

The Nebraska Cup at Eagle Raceway 9/9/18

The Nebraska Cup, presented by Hoosier Racing Tire, is possibly my favorite event of the year; even if it is the final one on the racing schedule every season. This year it featured several classes including the Good Old Time Racing Association and their cars that go back to the early days of dirt track racing. The ‘Hoodoos’ as they used to be called took me back to my first memories of racing. Also, on the track were the Midwest Classic Stock Car Association’s 50’s and 60’s cars that brought me back to my twenties when I first introduced my sons to the sport. Of course, the POWRI WAR wingless sprints were also a part of that same era. Add in the Racesaver Winged Sprints and the Malvern Bank SLMR Late Models and you have one heck of a racing event!!

In the A Feature for the GOTRA, Carrol Adamy was the winner with Bob Werkmeister and Darrin Adamy rounding out the top 3.

The A Main for the MCSCA saw Mike Ganskow with the win followed by Ryan Cech and Dennis Proskocil.

Neil Nickolite took off from the pole position at the start of the Racesaver IMCA Sprint Car A Feature, only to do a 360-degree spin in turn 2, bringing out the yellow flag and sending his 12N to the rear of the field. Once a lap was officially in the books the top 4 were Joey Danley’s 14, the 1B of Brandon Horton, Stu Snyder in the 5 and Tim Hilfiker’s 20. Cody Ledger’s 47 tangled with Jason Martin’s 5X on lap 2, sending him to the infield with both left side tires flat and Martin heading to the pits. Tyler Drueke jumped up to third on the restart in the #12. Snyder regained third the next time around before advancing to second the following lap. Lap 6 saw Drueke again move back to third. By this time Danley had a straightaway lead. Toby Chapman put the #7 into fourth 3 laps later. Josh Riggins’ 14J got loose on lap 14 after contact with the 53 of Jack Dover and the yellow lights again came on in the corners. Both cars headed to the pits. The final change in the top 4 came with 5 circuits left when Adam Gullion put the 91 into fourth. From there to the finish it was all Danley with Snyder second, Drueke third and Gullion fourth.

Danley said “We got the start that we needed and got to the front right away and kind of checked out from there. The track was great tonight! The best track all year I thought. I honestly wish we could have gone out later for our A Feature when it was slick from top to bottom. I mean, the track was perfect tonight; they really did a great job on it. I started fifth and got a great start, getting to the lead in just a lap or 2. Everything just kind of went my way tonight. Lapped traffic was good, and I just held on for the win”. Danley’s sponsors include Heiserman Flooring, Nissen Hardwood Floors, Automotive Services, Russell Shoulders Racing Engines, CleanRite Sweeping, Empire Fencing and Complete Window and Door Solutions.

The initial lap of the POWRI WAR wingless sprint A Main saw the 22S of Slater Helt, Trey Gropp in the 54, Dylan Kadous’ 31 and Don Droud Jr. in the 1M out front. Gropp made a move to the inside of Helt on lap 2 and got hooked on another car, causing the bottom line of cars to get backed up and caused a huge jam on the back stretch.  Both TJ Artz in the 57 and Wyatt Burks’ 11W went flying. Neither driver was seriously injured, but both cars went to the pits on the hook. Kadous grabbed the lead on the restart with Helt second, the 15B of Quinton Benson third and Riley Kreisel’s 90 third. Chris Parkinson passed Kreisel 2 laps later, putting the 65 into fourth as Benson moved up to second. Lap 8 saw Kreisel take over the third position. Helt lost second to Benson on lap 10 as Kreisel again moved to fourth. Benson grabbed the lead onlap 12 with Parkinson second, Helt third and the 18 of Terry Richards fourth. Richards moved up to third the next lap with Kadous regaining fourth. Helt stopped the next time around in turn 1. Kadous moved to second on the restart with Jason Martin’s 1B in third and Richards fourth. Martin advanced to second the next lap and Richards moved up to third with 10 to go as Parkinson took over the fourth spot. 3 laps later Martin snagged the lead and Richards advanced to second. Kreisel again went to third with 5 to go as Benson fell to fourth. The final top 4 were Martin, Richards, Kreisel and Benson.

Martin’s victory came from the 17th spot on the starting grid. “It’s pretty cool to start that far back and work your way up. Just being comfortable here at Eagle Raceway is the key to getting around this place. I just kept telling myself to slow down, slow down, slow down so I could keep going faster. Craig Bolz is the owner of the car, he pays every bill and he has nobody else who helps him. I just have to thank him. He gave me the opportunity to drive his car a few times and we got 2 wins for him this year. He’d hadn’t had a win in I don’t know how long. This has just been the happiest time of my life!” he stated.

The finale for the 2018 season at ‘America’s Home Track’ was the A Feature for the Malvern Bank SLMR Late Models. Corey Zeitner’s 26JR was first back to the flag stand on lap 1 with the 1S of Jesse Sobbing second, Brad Perdue’s 25 third and the 15 of Jason Obrien fourth. Sobbing grabbed the lead on lap 2 as John Anderson’s 21X took over the fourth spot from Obrien. Anderson moved up to third onlap 7. Brian Kosiski looped the #52 in turn 4 with 12 to go. Anderson advanced to second on the restart as Tad Pospisil put the 04 into fourth. Sobbing held off the field to the end, making the final top 4 Sobbing, Anderson, Zeitner and Pospisil.

“This ride came about just yesterday. They’d asked me about Knoxville next week, and I was kind of tied up for that. So, I asked them about hitting Eagle on Sunday. They said ‘Well, we can probably get the car there. I think they had to thrash a little bit to get 2 cars ready to race here. It’s always really hard work getting 2 cars together to race. They really had their work cut out for them, but they brought me a really fast car tonight. I wish Eagle Raceway was like this every week! I knew that if I could keep my momentum up to like that it would be good. In lapped traffic we would kind of dive through the middle, and it wasn’t too bad there either. I was pretty comfortable up there on the cushion, because the car was free enough to turn on the cushion, so it worked out. You never know when you take the lead early like that where a guy is going to get you at. I for sure need to thank Rick Hunnicut; it’s his equipment and his crew. Travis Hatcher, my buddy came down and helped too. I want to thank Jay at Malvern Bank and Jay Cochran at SSS Motorsports. A big thanks to my wife for lining up a babysitter for tonight while she went to work so that I could come race” said Sobbing.

That concludes the racing action for 2018 at Eagle Raceway, but don’t forget that Eagle Hollow Haunts kicks off the Halloween season on October 4th 2018. For full information, tickets and schedule, go to http://eaglehollowhaunts.com/ for everything you need to know.


GOTRA A-Feature 1. Carrol Adamy 2. Bob Werkmeister 3. Darrin Adamy David City, Ne. 4. Dennis Proskocil 5. Darrell Doerr 6. Pat Adamy 7. John Orlowski 8. Kevin Kay 9. Larry Aldrich 10. Larry Theierer 11. Terry Price 12. Cheyenne Holexa 13. Ron Stohlmann 14. Jeff Triggs 15. Dennis Witthuhn DNS. Ron Falk

GOTRA Heat 1 1. Terry Price 2. Dennis Proskocil 3. John Orlowski 4. Ron Falk 5. Larry Aldrich 6. Dennis Witthuhn

GOTRA Heat 2 1. Ron Stohlmann 2. Darrell Doerr 3. Cheyenne Holexa 4. Larry Theierer 5. Pat Adamy

GOTRA Heat 3 1. Darrin Adamy David City, Ne. 2. Carrol Adamy 3. Jeff Triggs 4. Kevin Kay 5. Bob Werkmeister

IMCA Sprint A-Feature 1. Joey Danley Lincoln, Ne. 2. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 3. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 4. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 5. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 6. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 7. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 8. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 9. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 10. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 11. Danny Nekolite O'neill, Ne. 12. Brandon Horton Omaha, Ne. 13. Boyd Peterson Ithaca, Ne. 14. Jimmy Grasso Omaha, Ne. 15. Josh Riggins(r) Lincoln, Ne. 16. Jack Dover Springfield, Ne. 17. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne. 18. Cody Ledger Omaha, Ne. 19. Jason Martin Lincoln, Ne. 20. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne.

IMCA Sprint B-Feature 1. Jason Martin Lincoln, Ne. 2. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 3. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 4. Jimmy Grasso Omaha, Ne. 5. Matt Richards Lincoln, Ne. 6. Terry Richards Denton, Ne. 7. Keith Dragoo Greenwood, Ne. 8. Paul Hendrickson Lincoln, Ne. 9. Nate Johnson Hastings, Ne. 10. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 11. Dwight Carter Lincoln, Ne. 12. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 13. Jason Miller Omaha, Ne. DNS. Shayle Bade Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 1 1. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 2. Joey Danley Lincoln, Ne. 3. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 4. Danny Nekolite O'neill, Ne. 5. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 6. Matt Richards Lincoln, Ne. 7. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 8. Paul Hendrickson Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 2 1. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 2. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne. 3. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne. 4. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 5. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 6. Jason Martin Lincoln, Ne. 7. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 8. Keith Dragoo Greenwood, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 3 1. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 2. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 3. Josh Riggins(r) Lincoln, Ne. 4. Jack Dover Springfield, Ne. 5. Terry Richards Denton, Ne. 6. Jason Miller Omaha, Ne. 7. Dwight Carter Lincoln, Ne. 8. Shayle Bade Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 4 1. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 2. Brandon Horton Omaha, Ne. 3. Cody Ledger Omaha, Ne. 4. Boyd Peterson Ithaca, Ne. 5. Jimmy Grasso Omaha, Ne. 6. Nate Johnson Hastings, Ne. DNS. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne.

MCSA A-Feature 1. Mike Ganskow 2. Ryan Cech 3. Dennis Proskocil 4. Adam Armstong Beatrice, Ne. 5. Branden Proskocil 6. Trevor Pecena 7. Bill Rombach Platte Center, Ne. 8. Joseph Baker Plattsmouth, Ne. 9. Larry Knop 10. Eric Cerny 11. Trent Proskocil 12. Kevin Bruck Donlap, Ia. 13. Trevor Baker Omaha, Ne. 14. Colby Cech DNS. Greg Moravec

MCSA Heat 1 1. Trevor Pecena 2. Ryan Cech 3. Branden Proskocil 4. Mike Ganskow 5. Bill Rombach Platte Center, Ne. 6. Colby Cech 7. Kevin Bruck Donlap, Ia. DNS. Trevor Baker Omaha, Ne.

MCSA Heat 2 1. Larry Knop 2. Joseph Baker Plattsmouth, Ne. 3. Eric Cerny 4. Adam Armstong Beatrice, Ne. 5. Dennis Proskocil 6. Trent Proskocil 7. Greg Moravec

SLMR Late Models A-Feature 1. Jesse Sobbing Malvern, Ia. 2. John Anderson 3. Corey Zeitner 4. Tad Pospisil 5. Jason Obrien 6. Bill Leighton 7. Kyle Berck 8. Ben Schaller 9. Matt Buller 10. Brad Perdue 11. Andrew Kosiski 12. Nelson Vollbrecht 13. Jim Johnson 14. Josh Krug 15. Jake Bridge 16. Mike Wallace 17. Ben Sukup 18. Vic Lovejoy 19. Paul Glendenning 20. Zach Zeitner 21. Dan Battaglia 22. Brian Kosiski

SLMR Late Models B-Feature 1 1. Brian Kosiski 2. Matt Buller 3. Mike Wallace 4. Bob Milander 5. Tyler Smith 6. Dan Battaglia 7. Matt Snoberger 8. Jack Snoberger 9. Michael Rice

SLMR Late Models C-Feature 2 1. Ben Sukup 2. Ben Schaller 3. Jim Johnson 4. Vic Lovejoy 5. Steve McConnell 6. Jason Wallace 7. Curt Drake 8. Shonn Mapes 9. Rece Vaught

SLMR Late Models Heat 1 1. John Anderson 2. Corey Zeitner 3. Kyle Berck 4. Brian Kosiski 5. Mike Wallace 6. Bob Milander 7. Jason Wallace 8. Matt Snoberger

SLMR Late Models Heat 2 1. Jesse Sobbing Malvern, Ia. 2. Jason Obrien 3. Andrew Kosiski 4. Tad Pospisil 5. Jim Johnson 6. Dan Battaglia 7. Michael Rice 8. Rece Vaught

SLMR Late Models Heat 3 1. Nelson Vollbrecht 2. Paul Glendenning 3. Bill Leighton 4. Josh Krug 5. Matt Buller 6. Vic Lovejoy 7. Tyler Smith 8. Jack Snoberger SLMR Late Models Heat 4 1. Brad Perdue 2. Jake Bridge 3. Zach Zeitner 4. Ben Sukup 5. Ben Schaller 6. Steve McConnell 7. Curt Drake 8. Shonn Mapes

WAR Sprints A-Feature 1. Jason Martin Lincoln, Ne. 2. Terry Richards Denton, Ne. 3. Riley Kreisel(r) Warsaw, Mo. 4. Quinton Benson Sweet Springs, Mo. 5. Chris Parkinson 6. Ty Hullsey 7. Dylan Kadous 8. Ryan Kitchen(r) Lincoln, Ne. 9. Trey Gropp(r) Lincoln, Ne. 10. Wesley Smith 11. Craig Carroll Collinsville, Ok. 12. Cody Ledger Omaha, Ne. 13. Don Droud Jr Lincoln, Ne. 14. Slater Helt Pleasant Hill, Mo. 15. Brad Wyatt Kearney, Mo. 16. Ryan Kent 17. Michael Cromwell 18. John Klabunde Fort Calhoun, Ne. 19. Vinny Ward Springfield, Il. 20. Tj Artz Lincoln, Ne. 21. Wyatt Burks Topeka, Ks. DNS. Jonathan Hughes(r) Knoxville, Ia.

WAR Sprints Heat 1 1. Don Droud Jr Lincoln, Ne. 2. Dylan Kadous 3. Tj Artz Lincoln, Ne. 4. Chris Parkinson 5. Terry Richards Denton, Ne. 6. Wyatt Burks Topeka, Ks. 7. Ty Hullsey 8. John Klabunde Fort Calhoun, Ne.

WAR Sprints Heat 2 1. Riley Kreisel(r) Warsaw, Mo. 2. Slater Helt Pleasant Hill, Mo. 3. Cody Ledger Omaha, Ne. 4. Ryan Kitchen(r) Lincoln, Ne. 5. Brad Wyatt Kearney, Mo. 6. Jason Martin Lincoln, Ne. 7. Ryan Kent

WAR Sprints Heat 3 1. Quinton Benson Sweet Springs, Mo. 2. Trey Gropp(r) Lincoln, Ne. 3. Craig Carroll Collinsville, Ok. 4. Vinny Ward Springfield, Il. 5. Michael Cromwell 6. Jonathan Hughes(r) Knoxville, Ia. 7. Wesley Smith

Saturday, September 1, 2018

2018 Racesaver Nationals Night #1

If it’s Labor Day weekend around Lincoln, Nebraska you can count on 2 things. Most importantly, it’s time for the sixth annual Racesaver Sprint Nationals. Sadly, the other thing is that it’s going to be wet!

A half-hour downpour followed by drizzle and mist would have caused lots of dirt tracks to cancel, but Eagle Raceway isn’t most tracks and the Racesaver Sprint Nationals is just any race!! The track prep crew worked overtime to bring the track into shape to host 101 sprint car teams in what has come to be known as America’s Largest Sprint Car National Event. Then as the preliminary features were being run, large drops again began to fall. Eagle’s track prep crew took advantage of the half-hour delay to rework the track again. That worked wonders with 3-wide racing and slide jobs galore highlighting the rest of the evening’s action.

During the preliminary racing there were several serious incidents. Josh Riggins got up and over the wall in turns 3 and 4, ending up with the 14J hanging on the catch fence in the second heat for the Racesaver sprints. Trey Gropp’s #54 ended up flipping after hitting the wall in turns 1 and 2 in the third heat. Heat 5 saw the #30 of Brandon Hickman ride the top rail in turns 1 and 2 in heat 5 and ended up rolling over. Mike Boston’s 51 and the 11 of Justin Melton made contact in heat 6 with Boston spinning and hitting the wall in turns 3 and 4. The D Feature saw Tige Jensen’s 12 start smoking from the right side of the engine. Jensen was determined to hang on to a transfer position but ended up with the engine consumed in fire a few laps from the finish. The C Feature saw the 22K of Kaleb Johnson start bouncing and end up flipping over the wall in turns 3 and 4 in nearly the same spot as Riggins had earlier. Gene Ackland suffered a stuck throttle in his #14G in the B Feature and ended up hitting the turn 1 wall full bore before flipping.

The first A Feature was for the ATV Motorsport IMCA Sport Compacts. Terry Tritt’s 5X, the88K of RJ Maas, Shawn Hein in the 5H and Justin Callender’s 17 led the field after lap 1. Contact between the 26X of Brad Gallagher and Callender on lap 3 sent the 17 headlong into the backstretch wall, bringing out the red flag. That put the 70SS of Steffen Oaks into fourth. Oaks moved up to third with 11 laps left. Maas grabbed the lead the next time around before losing the spot back to Tritt after another circuit. 1 more lap saw Maas again move back to the lead. Oaks passed Tritt for second after another lap and grab the lead from Maas with 3 to go. The final top 4 were Oaks, Maas, Tritt and Hein.

Oaks’ victory came from the 10th spot on the starting grid. He related “Oh Man!! That was definitely the best race of the year! I saw RJ and Tritt going to battle and I was just waiting for something to happen. Finally, I got the low line and started to count down laps. I got around RJ and took the lead. After that I just saw the checkered flag”.

The A Main’s initial start was called back, but when there was an official lap in the books Kevin Ramey had used the same move he tried on the first attempt to put the 7M into the lead with Casey Burkham’s 45B, the 5 of Stu Snyder and Ethan Barrow’s 14S hot on his push bumper. Barrow moved to second on lap 2. Tyler Drueke pulled a 360-degree spin in turns 1 and 2 for a caution period the next time around. On lap 4, Justin Fifield’s 17X went very high in turns 1 and 2, hit the wall and ended up and over. Zach Newlin used the restart to put the 11Z into fourth. Chad Wilson’s #20 stopped in turn 4 the next lap for another caution. Jason Martin passed Newlin on lap 8, putting the 5X into fourth. Jake Bubak’s 74B hit John Carney’s 11C coming out of turn 2, sending Carney’s mount flipping. 2 laps following the restart Martin advanced to third. The final change in the top 4 came when Claud Estes cracked the top 4 in his 74E with 5 to go. From the checkered flag Ramey held off strong challenges from Burkham with the top 3 nearly nose to tail. The top 4 were Ramey, Burkham, Martin and Estes.

The top 9 of Ramey, Burkham, Martin, Estes, Barrow, Luke Cranstons 45C, Newlin, Clint Benson in the 100 and Snyder will comprise the first 3 rows of Sunday’s Big Dance.

Ramey is currently leading the Racesaver IMCA points chase and won the Jake Ita Memorial Race of Champions at last year’s Racesaver Sprint Nationals. His victory came after starting third. “That first start was just a normal deal, with that many cars and with everybody dancing around. I had a good clean start on the first one and then had to turn around and do it again on the second one. I got around the 5 on the back straightaway and then passed the 45B. I just ran as hard as I could for the win. We had a great little hot rod tonight” he said. Ramey’s sponsors include Jambo’s Barbecue Pits, Precise Racing, Fired Up Garage and Weld.

Saturday’s action has been moved up one hour. Racing will begin at 5 PM with no hot laps being run. Following the Racesaver A Feature the Jake Ita Memorial Race of Champions will be run.

The front gates will open at 4:30. Adult admission is $15, youths 6-12 are $5 and children 5 and under are free.

Pit gates open at 3 with pit passes costing $25.


IMCA Sport Compact A-Feature 1. Steffen Oaks Lincoln, Ne. 2. Rj Maas Wilber, Ne. 3. Terry Tritt York, Ne. 4. Shawn Hein Beatrice, Ne. 5. Cole Krichau Lincoln, Ne. 6. Josh Young Beatrice, Ne. 7. Kyle Owen Nebraska City, Ne. 8. Tim Horsham Raymond, Ne. 9. Tyler Masek Raymond, Ne. 10. Michelle Nicholson Ashland, Ne. 11. Jeremy Shell Columbus, Mo. 12. Kyle Grobeck(r) Omaha, Ne. 13. Brad Gallagher Plattsmouth, Ne. 14. Justin Callender Lincoln, Ne. 15. Bryce Walker(r) Omaha, Ne. DNS. Dan Markham Plattsmouth, Ne. DNS. Jared Jackson Crete, Ne. DNS. Ray Harrington Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Sport Compact Heat 1 1. Terry Tritt York, Ne. 2. Brad Gallagher Plattsmouth, Ne. 3. Justin Callender Lincoln, Ne. 4. Rj Maas Wilber, Ne. 5. Kyle Owen Nebraska City, Ne. 6. Michelle Nicholson Ashland, Ne. 7. Bryce Walker(r) Omaha, Ne. 8. Jeremy Shell Columbus, Mo. 9. Jared Jackson Crete, Ne.

IMCA Sport Compact Heat 2 1. Josh Young Beatrice, Ne. 2. Steffen Oaks Lincoln, Ne. 3. Tim Horsham Raymond, Ne. 4. Shawn Hein Beatrice, Ne. 5. Tyler Masek Raymond, Ne. 6. Kyle Grobeck(r) Omaha, Ne. 7. Dan Markham Plattsmouth, Ne. 8. Cole Krichau Lincoln, Ne. 9. Ray Harrington Lincoln, Ne.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint A-Feature 1. Kevin Ramey Fort Worth, Tx. 2. Casey Burkham Combine, Tx. 3. Jason Martin Lincoln, Ne. 4. Claud Estes Godley, Tx. 5. Ethan Barrow Bloomington, In. 6. Luke Cranston Holcomb, Ks. 7. Zachary Newlin Millerstown, Pa. 8. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 9. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 10. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 11. Steven Shebester 12. Dusty Ballenger Harrisburg, Sd. 13. Andy Shouse Oklahoma City, Ok. 14. Robert Vetter Wolfe City, Tx. 15. Chad Wilson North Richland Hills, Tx. 16. Colin Smith Sheldon, Ia. 17. John Ricketts Burleson, Tx. 18. John Carney Lubbock, Tx. 19. Jake Bubak Arvada, Co. 20. Justin Fifield Mesquite, Tx.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint B-Feature 1. Andy Shouse Oklahoma City, Ok. 2. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 3. Chad Wilson North Richland Hills, Tx. 4. Steven Shebester 5. John Ricketts Burleson, Tx. 6. Robert Vetter Wolfe City, Tx. 7. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 8. Colby Estes Mansfield, Tx. 9. Michael Day Greenville, Tx. 10. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 11. Zach Blurton Quinter, Ks. 12. Matt Richards Lincoln, Ne. 13. Brandon Horton Omaha, Ne. 14. Brett Becker Odessa, Tx. 15. Rod Henning Middleton, Oh. 16. Jesse (chip) Graham Lewisville, Tx. 17. Brandon Bosma Round Lake, Mn. 18. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 19. Joey Danley Lincoln, Ne. 20. Anton Hernandez

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint C-Feature 1. Zach Blurton Quinter, Ks. 2. Joey Danley Lincoln, Ne. 3. Robert Vetter Wolfe City, Tx. 4. Michael Day Greenville, Tx. 5. Brandon Horton Omaha, Ne. 6. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 7. Jason Howell Fort Worth, Tx. 8. Blake Dacus Fletcher, Ok. 9. Daniel Estes Jr. Burleson, Tx. 10. Scott Lutz Jonestown, Pa. 11. Matt Etzelmiller Keller, Tx. 12. Michelle Melton Flower Mound, Tx. 13. Brandon Allen St Peter, Mn. 14. Kaleb Johnson Sioux Falls, Sd. 15. Mark Pace Lincoln, Ne. 16. Mike Moore Des Moines, Ia. 17. Ken Duke Jr Selinsgrove, Pa. DNS. Dustin Welch Bryan, Tx.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint D-Feature 1. Scott Lutz Jonestown, Pa. 2. Dustin Welch Bryan, Tx. 3. Ken Duke Jr Selinsgrove, Pa. 4. Mark Pace Lincoln, Ne. 5. Cody Ledger Omaha, Ne. 6. Ryan King Bennet, Ne. 7. Logan Scherb Bowie, Tx. 8. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 9. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 10. Jerald Harris Harrisonburg, Va. 11. Keith Dragoo Greenwood, Ne. 12. Ryan Kitchen(r) Lincoln, Ne. 13. Ryan Hall Midlothian, Tx. 14. Tyler Thompson Des Moines, Ia. 15. Tige Jensen(r) Lincoln, Ne. 16. Danny Nekolite O'neill, Ne. 17. Frank Rodgers Lucas, Ia. DNS. David Luckie Lubbock, Tx.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint E-Feature 1. Ryan Kitchen(r) Lincoln, Ne. 2. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 3. Tyler Thompson Des Moines, Ia. 4. Ryan Hall Midlothian, Tx. 5. Ryan Voss Spirit Lake, Ia. 6. Monty Ferriera Fresno, Ca. 7. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 8. Blake Scott Pauls Valley, Ok. 9. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne. 10. Boyd Peterson Ithaca, Ne. 11. Dan Satriano Papillion, Ne. 12. Jeremy Schultz Stewart, Mn. 13. Junior Jenkins Greenville, Tx. 14. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne. 15. Mark Klis Jr Waxahachie, Tx. 16. Jimmy Grasso Omaha, Ne. 17. Gary Floyd San Angelo, Tx. 18. Tom Belsky North Platte, Ne.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint F-Feature 1. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne. 2. Monty Ferriera Fresno, Ca. 3. Ryan Hall Midlothian, Tx. 4. Dan Satriano Papillion, Ne. 5. Clayton Christensen Spencer, Ia. 6. Austin McLean Loveland, Co. 7. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 8. Mike Houseman Jr Des Moines, Ia. 9. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne. 10. Justin Melton Lewisville, Tx. 11. Nick Bryan Lincoln, Ne. 12. Randy Sterling Morrisdale, Pa. 13. Charlie McDonald Jefferson, Tx. 14. Daren Bolac Moyock, Nc. 15. Jeff Pendergast Norfolk, Ne. 16. Samantha Lieberman South Hampton, Pa. 17. John Webster North Platte, Ne. 18. Chris Kelly Moore, Ok.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint G-Feature 1. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 2. Austin McLean Loveland, Co. 3. Mike Houseman Jr Des Moines, Ia. 4. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne. 5. Trey Gropp(r) Lincoln, Ne. 6. Ben Woods Newton, Ia. 7. Lucas Scherb Decatur, Tx. 8. Bob Hildreth Iowa Falls, Ia. 9. Charlie Ware Hallieford, Va. 10. Jason Miller Omaha, Ne. 11. Dwight Carter Lincoln, Ne. 12. Trevor Serbus Olivia, Mn. DNS. Josh Riggins(r) Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Bruce Allen Mankato, Mn. DNS. Brandon Hickman Lubbock, Tx. DNS. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Bill Garrow Lincoln, Ne.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 1 1. Zachary Newlin Millerstown, Pa. 2. Anton Hernandez 3. Zach Blurton Quinter, Ks. 4. Jerald Harris Harrisonburg, Va. 5. Jimmy Grasso Omaha, Ne. 6. Samantha Lieberman South Hampton, Pa. 7. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne. DNS. Charlie Ware Hallieford, Va.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 10 1. Jake Bubak Arvada, Co. 2. Steven Shebester 3. Mike Moore Des Moines, Ia. 4. Frank Rodgers Lucas, Ia. 5. Jeremy Schultz Stewart, Mn. 6. Charlie McDonald Jefferson, Tx. 7. Bruce Allen Mankato, Mn.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 11 1. Colin Smith Sheldon, Ia. 2. John Ricketts Burleson, Tx. 3. Brandon Allen St Peter, Mn. 4. Ryan King Bennet, Ne. 5. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 6. Chris Kelly Moore, Ok. 7. Bill Garrow Lincoln, Ne.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 12 1. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 2. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 3. Joey Danley Lincoln, Ne. 4. Scott Lutz Jonestown, Pa. 5. Blake Scott Pauls Valley, Ok. 6. Monty Ferriera Fresno, Ca. 7. Bob Hildreth Iowa Falls, Ia.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 13 1. Dusty Ballenger Harrisburg, Sd. 2. Brett Becker Odessa, Tx. 3. Matt Etzelmiller Keller, Tx. 4. Danny Nekolite O'neill, Ne. 5. Junior Jenkins Greenville, Tx. 6. John Webster North Platte, Ne. 7. Austin McLean Loveland, Co.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 14 1. Ethan Barrow Bloomington, In. 2. Andy Shouse Oklahoma City, Ok. 3. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 4. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 5. Ryan Kitchen(r) Lincoln, Ne. 6. Randy Sterling Morrisdale, Pa. 7. Lucas Scherb Decatur, Tx.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 2 1. Jason Martin Lincoln, Ne. 2. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 3. Blake Dacus Fletcher, Ok. 4. Ken Duke Jr Selinsgrove, Pa. 5. Ryan Voss Spirit Lake, Ia. 6. Daren Bolac Moyock, Nc. 7. Josh Riggins(r) Lincoln, Ne. 8. Trevor Serbus Olivia, Mn.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 3 1. John Carney Lubbock, Tx. 2. Matt Richards Lincoln, Ne. 3. Daniel Estes Jr. Burleson, Tx. 4. Dustin Welch Bryan, Tx. 5. Tom Belsky North Platte, Ne. 6. Jeff Pendergast Norfolk, Ne. 7. Trey Gropp(r) Lincoln, Ne. 8. Jason Miller Omaha, Ne.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 4 1. Justin Fifield Mesquite, Tx. 2. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 3. Kaleb Johnson Sioux Falls, Sd. 4. Cody Ledger Omaha, Ne. 5. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne. 6. Ryan Hall Midlothian, Tx. 7. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 5 1. Kevin Ramey Fort Worth, Tx. 2. Jesse (chip) Graham Lewisville, Tx. 3. Michelle Melton Flower Mound, Tx. 4. David Luckie Lubbock, Tx. 5. Boyd Peterson Ithaca, Ne. 6. Dan Satriano Papillion, Ne. 7. Brandon Hickman Lubbock, Tx.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 6 1. Casey Burkham Combine, Tx. 2. Colby Estes Mansfield, Tx. 3. Robert Vetter Wolfe City, Tx. 4. Keith Dragoo Greenwood, Ne. 5. Mark Klis Jr Waxahachie, Tx. 6. Justin Melton Lewisville, Tx. 7. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 7 1. Claud Estes Godley, Tx. 2. Chad Wilson North Richland Hills, Tx. 3. Jason Howell Fort Worth, Tx. 4. Mark Pace Lincoln, Ne. 5. Gary Floyd San Angelo, Tx. 6. Clayton Christensen Spencer, Ia. 7. Dwight Carter Lincoln, Ne.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 8 1. Luke Cranston Holcomb, Ks. 2. Rod Henning Middleton, Oh. 3. Brandon Horton Omaha, Ne. 4. Logan Scherb Bowie, Tx. 5. Tyler Thompson Des Moines, Ia. 6. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne. 7. Mike Houseman Jr Des Moines, Ia.

RaceSaver Nationals Sprint Heat 9 1. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 2. Brandon Bosma Round Lake, Mn. 3. Michael Day Greenville, Tx. 4. Tige Jensen(r) Lincoln, Ne. 5. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 6. Nick Bryan Lincoln, Ne. 7. Ben Woods Newton, Ia.